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About Us

Thanks for taking the time to find out about the BLjNK Photography team.

Our greatest ambition when we work with you is to have fun! We want to have a great time when we take your photographs. In order to achieve this, we will be honest and direct.  This means we will ensure you have all the information you need before you choose to experience a photoshoot with one or all of us.  There will be no hidden expectations with regards to time, costs, etc.

This means we intend to work hard behind the scenes to ensure you have an easy, fun time when we are together.

Honesty and transparency are extremely important to us. We would like to tell your stories through our photographs.  Therefore building relationships with you is central to how we will work together.

Our photography style is candid, documentary style. We take photographs that capture what you do, and the people who are important to you, naturally. Therefore no uncomfortable and unrealistic poses. Capturing your special people at different stages throughout your life’s amazing journey.

Whether you have just become engaged, or it’s your wedding day, or you would like us to document your family as you are now, we would love to capture the memories you will treasure forever.

Discover the team behind BLiNK Photography

So, you’re checking out our pages on the wonderful world wide web and what you’ve seen impresses you.  Great, but if you’re going to trust us with capturing that special moment in your life you might want to know a bit about the people behind the pages, the blogs and the images.

Having dabbled with photography when travelling in my 20s, my true love for photography really grew when my first son born in my early 30s. I found myself wanting to capture every single moment of his life. From his fuzzy bedhead to that amazing smile that really lights up his eyes, and my life. How much he loves muddy puddles, his daddy, his cats and his toys. Now that he is the eldest of 4, he now only sometimes indulges my needs to photograph him!

I asked my friends to help me describe me, as writing this bio is a little out of my comfort zone. Vibrant, enticing, engaging, excited and passionate. Followed by direct and honest. Crikey!! My favourite colours and khaki and red. And I love a bit of leopard print!

A very milky coffee (delivered from my handsome husband) is how I start my day, followed by a bit of yoga, or a wee run with our black lab JackBlack, or a trip to the gym with my friend Kirsty (if she doesn’t go, I don’t go!!!).  In between getting 4 children up and ready for school. Mid afternoon chocolate with another milky coffee is an absolute must for me to give me energy to get my kids out and about to their activities, and the bedtime routine. Some evenings I indulge in a lovely glass of Chilean Merlot. I am also privileged to work part time in Organisational Development for the NHS.

Weekends are spent with the kids and the dog, outdoors as often as we can, then huddled up on the sofa with a movie (& wine!) in the evenings.

Photography is a part time role for me at the moment. But I am looking forward to seeing how this develops! Working with 2 great people I have lots of fun with, I cannot wait to see where this new adventure takes us.

Cuddles from my children take me to the moon and back. I love holding their wee hands in mine when we are out walking, and listening to their stories.

These tiny moments are the memories I would love to capture for you so that you also have them to cherish forever.

Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Caron.

I’m hardworking, dedicated, determined, focused, organized, creative and fun to work with. Pretty boring huh, well except the fun to work with bit!   But hey, these characteristics are all important if you’ve decided you like our style you want to know that we’re reliable, will work hard for you and deliver just what you expect.  You’re buying our service and you want it to be the very best.  Well, I want that for you too.  But that’s work, what about me as a person.

I’m a bit of a fashion diva, well more than a bit if I’m honest, and in a bio you have to be honest, right?    I love clothes, I have wardrobes full of clothes but I love clothes that are that little bit different, that show personality and stand out from the crowd.  Some might think me downright weird at times (who cares?) but loads of people tell me I have a great sense of style and colour.  I like shoes, but I have a certain style there too.  When you think of a shoe-aholic it’s like a Sex in the City/Manolo Blahnik type girl you think of – well you just do, don’t you?  Nope, not me – you are so wrong.  I don’t do heels!!  It’s not like I don’t get their appeal, I’ve witnessed their magic powers when women step out in heels, they take on a sexier, more powerful persona.  For me, I just don’t want to suffer.  Whenever I’ve worn heels — real, big-girl, “Hello, lover” heels — I’ve felt ridiculous. I’m worrying about falling over and I wince with every step. I imagine what shade of purple my toes are turning and I get dizzy with pain.  No. I. Don’t. Do. Heels.

I love to travel and if you can combine travel with photography and shoe and clothes shopping then even better, although I will admit I do need a lie-by-the-pool-and-do-nothing sort of break once in a while. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and learn photography at the same time, I’ve taken courses in London and New York which were just amazing, they taught me so much and I met so many great people, some have become close friends.

And friends are important to me, as is family and my dog, a vocal and affectionate “I can’t hear you cos I’m doing my own thing” cocker spaniel called Jack.  I love reading.  I read loads, I do love a psychological thriller and I’ll read anything about photography.  A recent article I read said that during 2017 it’s estimated that people will take 1.7 trillion photographs, WOW!  And no two photographers are ever exactly the same.  Like shoes and clothes, as photographers we each have our style.  I’m not a studio portrait type of photographer, if you want a photo for your mantelpiece with everyone sitting pretty, eyes front then we’re probably not right for each other.  But if you’re looking for a photographer that captures the moment, has a style of her own, just that bit different, maybe even a bit arty then, I’m your best friend.

Let’s talk soon


“I didn’t really have a plan to be a photographer in any specific sense – to be anything. A policeman, fireman, anything like that. I really didn’t have a plan. I was aimless.” Bob Gruen – Rock Photographer

I’m Kenny, I live in Dundee and I love my city. It is an exciting time to be here. So many exciting things happening, our waterfront is being redeveloped and of course the new Victoria and Albert museum of design has sparked a whole new explosion of creativity.

I love to travel and been fortunate to do fair bit when in the merchant navy…but coming home to this city…. like Elbow sung in Station Approach “I feel like I designed the buildings I walk by”.

As a teenager growing up in the seventies music to me provided the only colour in an otherwise grey world. Going to gigs I always tried to sneak an old instamatic camera in, just to have personal record of it. The pictures were blurred and the bands dots in the distance. But it sparked an interest in photography. I was inspired by the photographers; Pennie Smith, Chris Rock and Bob Gruen (amongst others), who were shooting the bands I loved.

Fast forward many years and I decided it was time to pursue this passion in my own personal way. I joined a well-established “Photographic Society”, it was stuffy, formal and focused on competition – not for me. I then signed up to a photography workshop in Dundee Contemporary Arts and had an awakening to my abilities as a photographer and my confidence grew exponentially. I bought a decent DLSR and started shooting every gig I could get it into…I had found an outlet for my passion.

At the same photography workshop, I met and became friends with so many people, the camera and photography were changing my life for the better.

So here I am now, one third of BLjNK Photography – the future looks good.