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So, you are getting married. How incredibly exciting! We have 3 packages that you may wish to look at for your wedding photographs. Our style is informal, telling your story in photographs as it happens naturally. We will blend in the background, and promise not to boss your friends or family around! If you are worried about little kids not always behaving, or capturing Great Auntie Margaret, we can chat about all of this in the pre wedding meeting so we can assure you we have all your needs covered, and alleviate any worries.

On the day, if you wish, we can be with each of you as you are getting ready with your closest family members and friends, a glass of bubbles in hand. Our experience is that these are the parts you won’t even remember…so let us help you with that!

We will then be with you as you travel to your wedding venue, and continue to take photographs there. One of us will stay focused on you, and the other will take photographs of your soon to be spouse and your guests enjoying your special day.

This day will go by so quickly, and you will see so much through your own eyes.  However, there will be many moments that you will miss. Our team of photographers will ensure you have the memories by spreading ourselves around to capture your entire day.