So What Do We Do?

The image buttons bellow will take you to the area of our photography you are interested in.

We loved documenting our first wedding last year!!! From the beginning with the bride and her family getting ready, (and Kenny with the groom!) to documenting them sharing their vows, and then celebrating with their friends and families, we felt incredibly honoured to be part of it all.

Our available packages are on our Wedding Page. There are also some beautiful photographs for you to browse through, and there is a link to a contact form should you decide you want to have a couple of pretty amazing photographers document a stunning set of images of your wedding day!

If you are engaged and would like to have some amazing photographs to celebrate this, and perhaps even just to experience what it is like to have your photographs taken before your big day if that is something that is new for you, then the Engagement Page is where you should head to. Our consultation conversations will help address any queries you may have, and we can finalise details with regards to what is included in the actual shoot. Engagement sessions are all about you! We can shoot these in a location of your choice, somewhere that means something to you.

The Portrait Page is where you should visit if you would like to spend an hour or so at a location that is special to you. For example, your local forest where you have your family walks, a beach you love to visit, a park you may like to play in,or gardens that you enjoy. We will capture photographs of you and your family (Kids, Pets!) doing what you do when you are all out and about together. We will provide a little direction, but ultimately this is all about capturing you doing what you do, in a place that you love.

Prices are also located here for how you would like to display your images in you home.

We are not adverse to a bit of travel! If you favourite location isa bit further afield, then get in touch and we can discuss possibilities and travel costs.

A Day in Your Life are for those of you who would like album which shows what it is like to be in your family right now! These photography sessions are a documentary approach, recording a read day (or half day) in your life. From breakfast until dinner and everything in between – feeding the cats, getting ready for activities, brushing hair and teeth and general bedlam that occurs when you are trying to get out the door! Sports, trips to the park/beach/cafe, Cooking/baking, watching tv, bike rides, bath time, story time and bed. Absolutely everything that you do captured as it happens. This is truly your opportunity to document these day to day precious moments that we take for granted, and that are passing us by all so quickly.

If you are looking for some photographs that capture the essence of your business, then the Commercial Photography link takes you to ur price list and details of what is included. Whether you are looking for headshots, or some property shots, or even some documentary style photographs to show your clients what you do, then get in touch and we can explore this with you.