Workshop #1

December 6, 2017, Author: BLJNK

We ran a one day photography workshop for beginners and those interested in taking the next steps on their photography journey

Who came to the day

Lots of people got in touch with us to say they were interested in coming.

The only rule on who could attend was that people had a DSLR camera, that they were interested in taking control of by working in Manual Mode, and that they wanted to have fun and be creative with their camera.

BLJNK Photography Workshop

We had to set a restriction on the number of people who came because we wanted to work in small groups and make sure that everyone had the opportunity for one-to-one tuition throughout the day.

All 10 places were taken. Among the people who came were students who had completed other introductory courses and those brand new to photography.

We held the day at The Vine, Magdalen Yard Road, Dundee – an excellent venue close to picturesque locations as we wanted the opportunity for people to get out and about to practice the skills they learned.

What we did

In the morning we covered some of the technical aspects including:

  • Exposure triangle – aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • White Balance
  • Depth of Field

Students had the opportunity to ask questions, practice and work in small groups learning from the tutors and their peers.

BLJNK Photography Workshop

Then it was a trip to the graffiti wall at Riverside where we took advantage of the weather to practice using tripods for capturing  moving subjects and getting motion in backgrounds.

BLJNK Photography Workshop

After lunch the workshop focussed on Composition in Photography and again the hands on and practical tasks allowed students to work in small groups with a tutor on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance.

BLJNK Photography Workshop

We felt it was important that students got the opportunity to practice what they were learning and try out techniques with their camera with guidance from the tutors.

BLJNK Photography Workshop

The students were asked to complete exercises using :

  1. Lines & Curves
  2. Rule of Thirds
  3. Leading Lines
  4. Depth of Field
  5. Symmetry
  6. Texture

and, of course, they were encouraged to break the rules too!!

BLJNK Photography Workshop

Throughout the day we used students’ SD Cards to view the images they had taken and give feedback and advice, something which everyone enjoyed.  Students appreciated the opportunity to show case their work to their fellow students.

Students were given a handbook containing notes on the topics we covered, they received a gift and an incentive to return to future workshops – everyone said they’d definitely be back!!

BLJNK Photography Workshop

Feedback from students

Here is some feedback students gave us at the end of the day:

“It was fun J”

They liked:

“the hands on workshops and getting out and about.  Fantastic hosts, venue and food.  The knowledge shared between students and tutors was exceptional”

“the overall composition of the course”

“the booklet for course was well laid out, well written, not info overload – just enough”


“learning all the different camera settings”

“that we used a wide range of settings. Long exposures and wide apertures”

BLJNK Photography Workshop

Next steps

The students were keen to attend more workshops in the future and we learned a lot about what worked well this time and what could work better which we will incorporate into our future workshop.

Thanks everyone, you were awesome!!

BLjNK Photography